Arbitration expenses

Sum in dispute


Arbitrator's fee In case the dispute is resolved by
1 Arbitator

Arbitrator's fee In case the dispute
is resolved by
3 Arbitators
up to 2`000,0 EUR 15% of sum, but not less than
250,0 EUR
250,0 EUR 100,0 EUR
from 2`001,0 EUR to
7`000,0 EUR
600,0 EUR + 4% from the sum
exceeding 2`000,0 EUR
600,0 EUR 300,0 EUR
from 7`001,0 EUR to
20`000,0 EUR
1`000,0 EUR + 3,5% from the sum exceeding 7`000,0 EUR 200,0 EUR 120,0 EUR
from 20`001,0 EUR to
100`000,0 EUR
2`500,0 EUR + 1,8 % from the sum
exceeding 20`000,0 EUR
900,0 EUR 500,0 EUR
from 100`001,0 EUR to
500`000,0 EUR
3`500,0 EUR +1,4% form the sum
exceeding 100`000,0 EUR
1`500,0 EUR 800,0 EUR
from 500`001,0 EUR to
1`000`000,0 EUR
6`500,0 EUR + 0,75% from the
sum exceeding 500`000,0 EUR
2`900,0 EUR 900,0 EUR
over 1`000`000,0 EUR 9`500,0 EUR + 0,5% from the
sum exceeding 1`000`000,0 EUR
3`800,0 EUR 1`500,0 EUR


400,0 EUR 350,0 EUR 200,0 EUR

Ammount claimed:

  1. in claims for recovery of money - the amount to be raised;
  2. in claims for reclamation - the cost of the reclaimed property;
  3. in claims for early termination of the lease and hiring - the total amount of payments for the remaining duration of the contract, but not more than for three years;
  4. in claims for termination of the transaction or invalidation - the contested amount of the transaction;
  5. in claims for property rights to the real estate - its value, but not less than its cadastral value;
  6. in claims consisting of several independent property claims - a total sum of all claims.
  • If the process involves several plaintiffs and / or multiple defendants, the fee for the proceedings is increased by 10% for each additional plaintiff or defendant.
  • Reimbursement for secretarial services is determined in the amount of 100.00 EUR per meeting of the arbitral tribunal, which lasts not more than 3 hours. If a meeting of the arbitral tribunal lasts more than three hours, remuneration for secretarial services is determined in the amount of 25.00 EUR per hour, which is paid in addition to the arbitral tribunal. Additional charges applied as per every next meeting of the arbitral tribunal.
  • Reimbursement for the interpreter’s services is determined on the basis of the interpreters estimates drawn up by a sworn translator, translator or translation bureau.
  • Reimbursement for the experts services is determined on the basis of the experts estimates, drawn up by the expert, expertise bureau or any other institution performing the expertise.
  • Travel expenses of the arbitrator and payment for accommodation are determined on the basis of the calculation of the arbitrator and corresponding documents.
  • Fee for the copies of archives materials ie of the case that has been completed is 0.50 EUR per page.

The costs of the arbitration shall be paid:

Biedrība "RDAC", reg.number 40008232684, to the bank account № LV77HABA0551039581227 in AS Swedbank (SWIFT code HABALV22)